The lockdown was announced due to the growing number of corona virus patients. But this lockdown has caused thousands of families to starve in Ahmednagar city. There are numerous families working in the state and outside the state. In this situation, the hand has no work, no relatives. There is no chance of getting a Credit. There are no ration cards from the family from outside the village, just the question of hunger everywhere. So we decided to provide food to those families

We do regular Seva Langar distribution at railway station since last 3 years by Sunny Wadhwa Nd group. We started the Seva on 22nd March at top of petrol pump.

- In House Langar We made 2450 Tiffin's

- 5750 Tiffin's distribution on 15 Apr.

- 369 Ration Kit Till 15 Apr (with Proper Verification by Ahmednagar Police.)

- 1,02,375 Tiffin's Distributed till 15 April

- Congratulations we were able to complete 1 Lakh Plus Tiffin's Distribution.